Malamute Matters Global Awareness campaign – Turkey’s “Village Dogs”

Article produced for Malamute Matters, the article is published on the Malamute Matters Blog. Warning: Some images are distressing and may upset you. Please do not scroll through this post if you do not wish to view these images. Turkey’s “Village Dogs” Turkey has long been a country of striking cultural differences, and the treatment […]


The Darley Park Dog Paddock in use

Save Darley Park Dog Paddock 10

The Darley Park Dog Paddock is a fantastic facility in the centre of Derby, a secure, large grassy area where dogs can be exercised off-lead without harassing passers-by or disappearing never to be seen again. Its drawn crowds of around a hundred people, and visitors from as far afield as Wales, as well as being […]

Dog Walking Derby – Dog Crates are awesome! 4

Hello, I got something exciting in the post today, a giant 4ft long two-door stainless steel dog crate. A lot of our customers at the shelter in Australia would comment on the cruelty of having dogs locked up behind bars, but the reality is that most dogs actually quite like having their own space, whether […]

Calm dog in Crate.

Dog Walking Derby - Go Pro HD Hero camera

Dog walking Derby – New camera and a gem in Darley Park. 1

Well I’ve got hold of a nifty new camera for dog walking, a Gopro HD Hero, which will be a great little addition to the toolkit. I wanted people to be able to experience the excitement of their dog’s walk, or to share the warm welcome at the 2 Tired Dogs house. Of course, I […]

Walking female dogs in Season?

Dog walking can be a surprisingly complicated thing, especially for those who are still getting used to dog handling in general. I came across this post on a popular pet owners and dog walkers forum and it highlights what’s usually a bone of contention between professional dog walkers who balance the needs of several dogs, and […]

Mischief and boredom at work.

Husky Fever in Derby, did you see them?

You may have noticed, but I’m not just about dog walking around Derby, I’m involved with a few rescue organisations as well. Here’s a quick video of the previously mentioned SHARE (Siberian Husky Aid Rescue Education) Christmas meetup at Darley Park

Bow Wow and a Happy new Year 1

Happy New Year to all my friends, and a “Bow wow wow” to all the dogs out there. The new website is well underway, and I’ve narrowed down the options for the new Dog-House to 3 smart dog-friendly pads with another three viewings over the next few days. Of course this move means